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Monday, March 20, 2006

It's my cumpleaños and I'll llorar if I want to ...

Even though I have finals in less than two days' time I find I have to post up a few words about my birthday last Friday, the 17th March. The evening before we had organised to go out with my group to say goodbye to Andreas and I as we are leaving the illustrious section B (one of the two international sections at school) to transfer to ... da da daaaaaa ... section C. Doesn't sound like too much of a change until you realise that half the classes in section C will take place in Spanish. And given that my Spanish barely extends beyond "tengo hambre señor" this will surely pose some learning problems. Ah well - "in for a penny in for a pound" as they say (actually noone say this any more except back in Salopia but then I'm a lad from the Shire at heart). Watch this space for developments - we start next week - yikes !
Anyway the evening passed very well and at Midnight I turned 23 years old (ok 29) with Thanos singing something along the lines of happy birthday in my ear in Greek. It was then on to the Bar Of the Week at Elephant in Sarría. Here Huy was also celebrating his birthday - also the 17th of March - happy birthday Huy ! I think this bar will be a great place in the summer with open air dancing and a fancy line in interior decorations. Some pictures below.
Then on my birthday itself I had organised to go out with my flatmates to a restaurant close to our house for a quiet meal - nothing too extravagent as the weekend had to be spent studying for the exams. 9 o'clock rolled around and before we left for the restaurant Cristina suggested we go for a quick beer while the others got ready. "Ok" said I and we headed off down the street. We stopped at a small bar that I've never actually been in before and I was quite surprised to see four girls from school in there - strange as none of them lived around the area. Cristina and I left and she seemed just as perplexed as I was that they should be in that bar at that time. Anyway we went for a beer and Cristina had to go back to the flat to get some medicine before going to the resaurant. In through the front door we go and - lo and behold - SURPRISE !!! About 40 people from school were waiting in the front room of my flat !!! Including those sneaky minxes from the bar !!! And Cristina didn't even need any medicine !!! It had all been an elaborate ruse !!! Ok enough exclamation marks - it was a great party and thankyou to everyone who came and especially to those who organised the whole thing - it really was a splendid birthday surprise. Wonderful.

A sign I saw in Gracia which hada propellorhead hat on the sign. I don't know what the shop sells but hell I'll buy it anyway !!!

Leaving dinner with my group - as you can see Andreas and I are sad to be leaving - Tom�s and Sergio are also plainly devastated ...

Liiiindy !!!!!

These two are at school every morning at seven to shout at each other - here you see the real love is shining through ... aaaahh

Love this picture - Benjamin my hero Frenchy housemates demonstrates to the Brazilians how to do a proper moonwalk - ow !

Later that night at the Bar Of the Week Huy demonstrates that he's the real reason Robain is so "frenetic" every Friday at school ...

Ryan "Doctor Evil" Kern and I at my surprise party - it's the only picture I have !


At 2:02 am, Blogger Bili Rubin said...

Happy Birthday Francis!

At 9:05 pm, Blogger angie said...

Happy birthday.

Was just checking out blogs from IESE students since I the LBS crowd isn't blogging actively at the moment. I never read your blog before but was astonished to discover two people I know on the pictures (Huy and Christopher).

Seems like people are having a good time in Barcelona!

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