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Monday, February 13, 2006

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ...

Yes it's that time again ... trimester midterms oh yeah !

In just three days time I will be plunged again into the depths of midterm exams. Except that this time around one of the three midterms is actually a final exam as the course is only a half-credit and so finishes this week. As a result of the looming challenge I have been living pretty much constantly with earphones plugged in and head buried in book and/or laptop (if that's possible), and so have not much to report from ever-sunny Barcelona. Oh yes - my flatmate David bought a moto today. The fact that when I found out I was more excited that I have been in weeks probably reveals a lot about life here at IESE. In fact I have half a mind to go and take a picture of it to post here I'm so fed up with studying - could do with the break ...

[10 mins lapse ...]

Ok couldn't find it but I can report that the night air here in Barca is positively balmy this evening !

Looking to the coming weekend I have the IESE ski trip to look forward to. This will basically involve 200 students descending on a small town in Andorra, doubling its permanent population for the weekend and leaving it utterly ravaged by the time we leave. That's my plan anyway - I've done it before and I'm sure the others won't take much convincing ... !

On a final note, a very happy birthday to my mother who turned [censored] years old today - feliz cumpleanos mother dear !!!