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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Deep in study

I know I know it's been a while but since I last wrote we have been plunged back into the mire with a brand new set of courses and a whole array of strange and whacky professors to go with them. For those of you in the remotest bit interested, here are this trimester's courses :

  • Operations Management - Gantt charts galore and more process analysis than you can shake a stick at.
  • Operational Finance - a short but sharp blast to the head featuring such delights as Returns on Equity and Debt/Equity ratio appraisal. Still interested ?
  • Managerial Accounting - hard.
  • Human Resources Management - an extension of last term's Organisation Behaviour class this deals with the tricky ramifications of wayward unions and how best to crush a strike.
  • Negotiations - my godsend. No cases to prepare for these classes, just turn up and barter away to your heart's content !
  • Marketing Planning & Implementation - my nemesis. Marketing last term was a mystery to me and this term is proving to be no exception to the rule as we tumble headlong into the murky depths of how best to sell sweets to overweight Italian schoolchildren (among other major dilemmas)

Well, there you have it - that's probably enough about school for now suffice to say that I have also been through a round of interviews for summer placements and have surfaced the other side with a second round interview at Booz Allen Hamilton - a consultancy. "The dark side" as my brother Ed would say but then the dark side does have its advantages ... anyway I'll let you know how the second round goes. Currently scheduled for the 8th of February.

Otherwise I can tell you that I went to see Barcelona Football Club play a couple of weekends ago which was great. Really great - first visit to the Camp Nou and we saw a huge punch-up on the field. The game itself was pretty dull and the fight was the only thing that really got the crowd pumped up - walking out of the stadium felt like we were in the middle of the civil war with everyone chanting "Catalunya - Catalunya" ... awesome.

Last weekend saw the ol' jalopy heading out once more as a small group of us headed out to the Pyrenees for the weekend. Andorra to be exact where we had a jolly good weekend's skiing. The plan had originally included study sessions scheduled into the Friday and Saturday nights but we should really have realised that was a non-starter from the off. As a consequence Sunday night and all nights since have been extremely late ones catching up with work I should have done last weekend. This weekend coming it is set to rain in Barcelona so I think I will stay in to catch up on study. Much needed in these pressing but educational times.

Pictures of Andorra and a couple of the future "Captains of Commerce" you can find here at IESE ...

Ian looking pensive

Ryan looking ridiculous

Vive le moose !!!

A couple in the making if ever I saw one ...


The last supper before coming back to BCN

He's Canadian - I say nothing

George and Huy - I say nothing

Give it all you got, Davy-boy !

Many thanks to brother in law David for his most educational comment on my last post - it had me in stitches mate and provided some much needed relief !


At 11:33 pm, Blogger Ashwyn said...

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At 11:59 pm, Blogger Ashwyn said...

hey Francis, congratulations on clearing the first round of BAH and all the best for the next. And I'm only a wee bit more than remotely interested in knowing about the courses (considering I'm starting in Sept'06), so yeah, was a good read... Cheers

At 8:38 pm, Blogger Francis Lewis said...

Hey Ashwyn, thanks for the comments and congrats on getting admitted - see you in September !!!


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