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Thursday, October 27, 2005


WELL, it's now quarter to one in the morning and I have just got back from the first meeting of an exclusive club known mysteriously as the G.D.C (or known not-so-mysteriously as the Gracia Dining Club). Present at said event were Tiffany (US), Abelardo(Mexico) and err ... well just me actually (very exclusive). Just so that no-one's continent had preferred status we chose to go to a Sushi Bar called KibuKa - good sushi but super-slow service. "The bant" was flowing all too well too which, coupled with the fact that I couldn't find a cab for another half hour, means that I now find myself writing at this ungodly hour having not really prepared for my OB (or "Organisational Behaviour" - worth an entry by itself) exam tomorrow. Whoops ! Better scoot, hasta luego

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Career Weak

Ok so tales of derring-do will have to be postponed for a while due to extreme tiredness - a theme I am guessing will be repeated throughout the course of this journal.

As you may (or probably will not have) guessed from the title of this entry I have just finished the two days that comprise the first IESE "Career week". This involves companies (pretty much evenly split between Investment Banks, Consultancy firms and Pharmaceutical companies) coming to campus to demonstrate to us how wonderful they all are and how imperative it is that we offer up our lives in sacrifice to them at the earliest opportunity. I have to say that none of them really lit my fire although I will probably apply to all of them to cover my bases should I suddenly lose my soul and decide that I can't survive post-Barcelona without being a Strategic Management Consultant or a Structured Finance Analyst.

Last night I was kindly invited by one of said companies (Booz Allen Hamilton) to attend a dinner in my honour at a devilishly swanky restaurant at the top of a tower by the port. I ended up sitting opposite a senior partner of the firm (a big cheese in the consultancy world by all accounts). I thought it rude not to partake of the copious amounts of cava & wine offered and ended up in a heated argument with him over the ethics of foie-gras - I decided if he loved it so much he could have mine and I duly heaped it on his plate. The next course was rice cooked in octopus ink and I took great pleasure in pointing out that the senior partner resembled an broken down ink-jet printer when he spoke. He laughed. Or at least I was. Afterward we headed out to Carpe Diem (a nightclub on the beach) where we proceeded to eat into Booz Allen Hamilton's profits yet further by ordering bottles of spirits ... for €150 a piece! Madre mia!

Anyway I was impressed with their attitude towards nightlife so will make an extra effort to be polite on my Cover Letter when I apply.

I now find myself deeply engrossed in an accounting case and have read, made notes on and generally been confused by the marketing case for tomorrow whose subject is along the lines of "Canned Mushroom Production in the early 80's". Who says business school can't be fun eh !?!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Por fin !

Pues Barcelona, ya he vuelto !

At last I find twenty minutes of my precious time to make an entry onto my "Blog". Not that I expect anyway to be reading this right away as I haven´t actually told anyone about it yet... never mind - here we go, chocs away etc. - What On Earth Am I Doing Back Here in Barcelona?

Well the truth is I'm not really sure. Since starting the MBA program in earnest three weeks ago I have been finding it difficult to find the time to breathe. They really weren't kidding when they said you're life is effectively over until the Chris
tmas break. My typical day goes something like this :
  • 6.30 : wake and get ready to go to school - of late this has involved a high amount of stupidity and singing with my French housemates Alexandre and Benjamin. This is definitely required as the rest of the day is a rather much more sombre affair.
  • 7.45 : trip to school either on the bus (yuck!) or in Cristina (another housemate) 's car (note for anyone from Ludlow : Volkswagen Golf, A reg., left 'and drive, bit asthmatic, decent Kenwoods in the back though). This usually involves more singing.
  • 8:00 : group meeting at school to discuss the cases of the day. Am usually late due to singing but the group is (usually) pretty relaxed. As this is a "usual" day I'm describing here I can confidently say that I am totally bemused as regards anything to do with Accounting or Marketing - surely can the Dark Arts of business. Ok let's see if I can work out how to put a picture of my group in here ... wow that was easy ! This is on a bar crawl night we had at the end of the first week of class - I was (reluctantly) captaining the team and we came third ! But I digress - the average day continues ...
  • 9:30 : classes begin and depending on what classes we have my brain receives a different level of frying - from the shallow olive oil sizzle of Organisational Behavious right the way through to a full-on melted-lard deep-fat frying from Marketing or Analysis of Business Problems. Actually it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be and in actual fact the majority of classes I do enjoy as long as I've prepared enough for them.
  • 12:15 : lunchtime and we all head off to the cafeteria on campus for a jolly old troughing. Usually take a salad or bocadillo as it's the quickest queue and means I can get back to prepare for the class that I have inevitably underprepared for that afternoon.
  • 14:00 : fried brains anyone ?
  • 13:30 : Spanish class - oh hurragh ! Before the MBA courses started we had two weeks of intensive Spanish classes so my Spanish group (grupo seis) is the first group I "bonded" with here and I still have a special place in my heart for them. Aahh !
  • 17:00 hometime ! Well not quite - time to either meet with the group again (Mondays and Thursdays) or head to the library to start preparing the cases for the next day.
  • 18:00-21:00 head home at some point in the evening and grab something to eat. The rest of the evening is spent in equal parts studying and worrying about not having done enough work for the next day.
  • 00:30-01:30 to bed with a mug of cocoa.

Well there it is - my average day. Pretty exciting eh? Well at least I'm in Barcelona ! Someday I'll get to see something of it too I'm sure ...

I will leave you with a couple of pictures (haven't taken so many since coming here but will get hold of someone else's soon) and next time I promise to tell some of the more interesting things that have happened to me since coming here - wild tales of swashbuckling adventure, sorrowful yarns of heart-rending romance and reflections so deep and philosophical it'll make your eyes water. I promise.

Anyway some photos ...

(Above) Male housemate bonding from left - David McCartney Miller from the depths of Oregon, Benjamin Pirroneau from Paris and Alexandre Guerrin from Lyon.

(Above) One of my female flatmates (on my right) is Cristina from Alicante. The girl on my left is Ceylin a girl from class and the guy in the glasses ... I have no idea who the guy in glasses is.

(Above) And last but not least here on the left is my last housemate Lena, who is sporting the very latest in fashionable punkwear. Mmm ! We're not really sure where Lena is from but it's somewhere kind of East. I don't know. Anyway the guy on her right is George from Italy (yes that is a broom on his head - don't ask) and the ever-so-polite chap on her left is Paul from England.

ok - here endeth the first blog - critical comments welcome !!!